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LEVEL 3 Contributor

Claim 110% of your Spend!

LEVEL 3 Contributor

Claim 110% of your Spend!
BEE is essentially a buyers' club.

If you have a BEE Certificate then your customers can claim BEE points on their BEE Scorecard for buying from your business.
You get different levels of BEE certificates (from level 8 to level 1) depending on what contributions you have made to black people from your business.

8 Being the Lowest & 1 Being the Highest.
The better level of BEE Certificate you have the more BEE points they can claim!

Your company's final score will determine what procurement recognition level you have achieved.

This recognition level will determine how much your customers can claim as BEE spend on purchases with your company!

Large companies (those with a turnover in excess of R35million) are rewarded with Preferential Procurement points for doing 10% of all their business with Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs).

Large companies are also rewarded 5 points for doing business with majority black-owned Businesses.